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Introduction: Photo Frame - Paper Craft

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Hi, Here is my simple and creative handmade photo frame, using art paper and My pencil sketch done on a Black Refill Paper.
Check out :-)



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    Seems like a nice one! But where can a I get a square template?

    this could save me a lot of money.... thanks heaps

    Who could of tought that two peaces of paper can be the picture and the frame, way too cool, simple design, and it's free! makes me want to make something myself :) thanks for shareing.


    This is kind of genius! Although I think you should add some notes and instructions to this, to guide readers through the process. After all, this is an Instructable.
    I'm definitely going to make some, but using self adhesive rolls I have, (I don't know what they're called), that have a woodgrain print, and others that have different faux textures and colours.

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    Hi PAWZ I uploaded pdf flie also for marking and cutting purpose,i thought it is enough, so,

    Thank you....

    Thank you...

    love it, now you don't have to run out and buy a custom frame for your latest drawing, just cut it out and instant validation for your artwork. love it

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    Thank you....

    I made something similar in class to resemble a canvas for a drawing of the cover of the first Naruto book but then a group of girls copied me and said it was their idea. Mine didn't look this cool though

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    oh... copy cat girls :-)

    Thank you... :-)