Photo Transfer on Wood

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Introduction: Photo Transfer on Wood

an esy way...

Step 1: Material - Matériel

you will need:
-a piece of wood (not treated)
-wood glue
-a brush
-a laser printed mirored photo

Vous aurez besoin de:
- morceau de bois non traité
-colle à bois
-photo imprimé sur papier standar et de façon inversé

Step 2: Collage

mix half portion glue with half portion water, use the brush to put de mixture on the wood then place the photo face dowm ( nake sure the paper is glued correctly to the wood with no bubbles).
wait till the whole dry.

coller la photo côté recto sur le bois grâce a la mixture moitié colle moitié eau. s'assurer de ne laisser aucune bulle. laisser le tous sécher.

Step 3: Décollage

use a wet sponge to humidify the paper then use it to rub the up layer.

utiser une éponge pour humidifier le papier puis pour enlever la couche supérieure.

Step 4: Fin

let dry, then sandpaper the image a little.
use a brush or a sponge to put a layet of linseed oil on the surface. let dry then put a varnish layer.

laisser sécher, passer un coup de papier de verre fin.
passer une couche d huille de lin, laisser sécher puis vernir.



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can you use an inkjet printer or does it need to be laser?

Hi, I think the author is trying to say that inkjet ink will run, making the image fuzzy/unclear. (that's what I gathered from similar instructables, atleast)

So depending on the type of image and intended result it might work, but laser printed is definitely better.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink sprayed through microscopic nozzles onto the paper and absorbed by the paper. Laser printers use a toner cartridge (filled with fine powder) and a heated fuser which fuses the toner to the paper (not absorbed).

Hi, it has to be a laser, 'cause the ink of the inkjets can easily spread away (not sure how to tell it)

This is a good technique. I wanted to mention another material that people don't seem to be aware of - Acrylic wood finish. (aka "polycrylic", "water-soluble poly", etc.) It's basically the same technique as above, but the acrylic finish may allow for cleaner results.

wow! Amazing cool! I'm going to try!

Interresting idea. I need to dust off our old laser printer, I already have some ideas... Thanks for sharing.

Very useful info, thanks for sharing.