Photo Viewer Wrist Warmer


Introduction: Photo Viewer Wrist Warmer

I bought one of these keyring photo viewer, it was only a tenner so I thought "yeah why not, might be able to hack that into something cool".

So it turns up and the first thing I do with it? Pull it apart and stick it in a wrist warmer :)

Step 1: Pull It Apart

First step as always is to pull it apart. There are 2 small screws holding the back on, remove those then prise the case apart.
There are now 2 more screws on the circuit board which need undoing. Undo (or in my case, trash with nail clippers) them and take the board out.

Step 2: Prepare the Wrist Warmer

Cut a small hole for the screen, this stuff seems to stretch well, so dont worry about fitting it all in.

Step 3: Check It Still Works!

Check that the thing still works, make sure that the lil ribbon cable is connected. This cable will need strengthening with some thin plastic as its very fragile and will get bent a fair bit during use.
Also glue a flat piece of plastic to the back of the screen and pierce some holes around the edges. These will be used to sew the screen in place later.
Also glue the battery to the back of the screen

Step 4: Cram It In

Cram it in the hole, push it though so the screen is in place, then sew through the holes in the plastic to secure it.
Use fabric glue to glue the edges of the screen and frame it nicely with the fabric.

Step 5: Turn It On!

and enjoy!
Version 2 will have some proper fabric buttons sewn in (should make it easier to operate) and a proper hole sewn in for the USB socket

Also plan to enhance the battery life too, at the moment it lasts about 30 minutes on the slideshow mode, which is a bit pants really.



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    what's the memory of this any way?

    and wheres the fun in that?

    well u could still put it on a wrist warmer


    neat. what's the resolution of the thing's display (how many pixels)?

    i bought one of these frames, and am having trouble... the included software requires a specific version of the mars semiconductor chip's driver to be installed on the PC... however, apparently, some newer copies of XP (maybe those with sp2 included) have a newer version of the driver preinstalled, and the software for transferring photos wont work... I am guessing on some of this, based on my experience with it... if anyone knows a different reason for the dreaded "driver version not match" error, please let me know... any solution to the problem will make you my hero, forever.

    I suppose you could use this to display a to-do list. This is really cool, nice job.

    2 replies

    well that was my other idea, i'm forever writing todo notes on the back of my hand. I'm trying to find a small flat PDA that allows you to scrawl notes on instead. So far all i've found is the Rexx PDA, but theyre still way too expensive to start pulling apart!

    You could try a Fossil / Abacus WristPDA. They run PalmOS and have a grayscale touchscreen you can write on. They're quite old (cheap) and easy to find in eBay ( here's one, but bid at your own risk ).

    Are these not otherwise known as 'sweat bands'? E.g. whan you're playing tennis they keep the sweat off your grip? L

    I want to do something like this for my girlfriend as an additional sweet anniversary present :3. (aka anniversary stocking stuffer) ;p. It'll be our second year not too long from now. Thanks man.