When looking for cost effective favors for a Quince (Birthday party for a 15 year old in spanish culture) I came up with this. Its an ornate easel with a photo. Real easy and cost effective.  

The chocolate initial favor will be posted in another instructable.

Step 1: Materials

Photo of guest of honor - 2up on 4x6
Computer and the internet or a good photo program
2 inch L Track- Cut in 2 inch pieces(Used for metal fencing, hurricane shutters, screen cages and windows)
5 inch roll lace
Thin ribbon
Spray paint (Krylon)
Self adhesive Rhinestones
<p>This is a computer generated picture.This is a great for any type of events.Nothing much to do,you just have to stand in front of a green screen and take a photo snap by the photographer and later the photo is edited by keeping wonderful,beautiful and your favorite pictures behind you. For example if you like Eiffel Tower,then after the photo snap, there will be a Eiffel Tower behind you and you will be standing in front of it. The people who are receiving the <a href="http://www.creativeeventservices.com/cool-pix" rel="nofollow">photo favor photos</a> are very excited.</p>

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