To celebrate one year from my first (and one of the most successful) instructable, I thought to re-design it.

The instructable is http://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-simple-media-projector-with-a-recycled-ike/ and is about transforming an ikea lamp into a projector.

In a year a lot of things happens:
- I get into the DIY universe
- ponoko (the online lasercut service) open a factory in Italy near where I live
- I bought a Lomo Camera (http://lomography.com) and discover how cool are 35mm cameras

This project reflect all these changes. I'll show you how to buil a lo-fi projector to display your photo slides on a huge wall. The lo-fi aspect is crucial to lineup to the lomography way. The fact that the project is also cheap is a plus! Sadly, the ikea lamp I'm using ( isbrytare ) is out of stock and no more produced. You have to found in used or hope that Ikea will start again producing this beautiful lamp. Its cost was about 40$.

The lamp became a present for the birthday of a very good photographer and friend: Fizza (http://www.fizza.it/)

Finally I'll give one or more patches to the best comments/improvements to the project you will post.

If you are interested, you can view the list of my not-yet-realized ideas on my blog

Step 1: Material needed

In order to build your own lomo projector you'll need:
  • isbrytare lamp from Ikea (ikea.com, no more in production.. find it on ebay)
  • plans to build the adapter (downloadable in the next step)
  • something to cut wood if you are planning to build it by yourself OR an account on an online laser-cut service (i use http://www.vectorealism.com)
  • vinilic glue
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The first two images in this step contradict each other!<br>You must put the slide holder between the amp and the Fresnel lens in order to project an image. The second image is correct.<br>I could read the text either way, but would more likely say to &quot;put the slide holder on the rails first, then the Fresnel lens.&quot;<br><br>Nice project, and a very pretty result!<br><br>Dave<br>
Fixed, thanks :)
Fresnel lens focal length is?
i like your room design and the projector is pretty cool<br>
Thanks :)
ok, so this is a year after your initial i'be which could have easily been an addendum:<br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-simple-media-projector-with-a-recycled-ike/<br>But really- There's a reason there is a big, fat fan inside a slide projector. modern film bases warp and melt when exposed to prolonged halogen light source. The older Nitrate stocks will be an instant fire hazard. Google some old projector patents, take apart an old projector. They didn't over-design, heat dissipation has a prominent place in the 100 years or so in making projectors.<br>
Very nice! Since Ikea no longer sells the Isbrytare, do you (or anybody else) have a suggestion for what I could use instead?
You could drop the whole lamp and assembly into some large diameter PVC pipe to contain more light so the image is brighter and then you would just have to cut a hole for the slide to go in :)
I tried but It doesn't works. The problem is that the lamp has no fans and with the pipe the temperature goes too high (and the slide risks to melt :)<br><br>Thanks anyway for the comment :)
I'll try in the next days. If it works i'll give you a patch :)
Yay! Thankyou,it will be my first patch:)
Vectorealism.com &egrave; l'hub italiano di Ponoko. Ordinando sul sito italiano ci sono un po' di figate in pi&ugrave; rispetto a Ponoko: per esempio la possibilit&agrave; di richiedere o fornire da soli i materiali e, mica male, i prezzi in Euro.
bel progetto! davvero la ponoko ha aperto uno stabilimento vicino Trento?
A Milano in realt&agrave;, lo considero vicino rispetto al pi&ugrave; vicino precedente che era in germania
eh si, decisamente pi&ugrave; vicino, l'avevo scovata gi&agrave; in realt&agrave; la Vectorealism, ma non avevo idea fosse affiliata alla Ponoko.<br>ottimo anche il fatto che fanno lavori su materiali diversi su richiesta, basta fornire un campione per le calibrazioni, davvero una bella iniziativa!
non lo sapevo.. io ad esempio avevo bisogno di tagli su pelle + sottile di 3mm ... mi hanno detto che stanno cercando una pelle adatta :)

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