Photographic Quilt and auto-generation program


Step 3: Reduce the number of colors, check out your palette

Using CorelPhotoPaint or similar program, you can reduce the number of colors in the image.  Use the 'Image->Convert to Paletted' command.  I tried this in with Posterize, but it resulted in WAY too many colors.  The CorelPhotoPaint works well, and I'm sure this can be done in photoshop.

I choose the settings shown in the image.  Basically, play with it until you get something you like.  I ended up with 30 colors.

Here's the output of the color count:

$ ./ 01-flower4-reduced_pixel_count.bmp 02-flower4-reduced_colors.bmp
     There are 1827 colors in this image, and 1833 pixels:
     There are 30 colors in this image, and 1833 pixels:

So, we reduced the image from 1827 colors to 30 colors!  This is a good thing ;-)

Check out your palette for any colors that are too close to one-another.  If any are very close, you can keep reducing the color count.

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