Picture of Photographic Quilt
Being a graphic designer, I use photo editing tools on a daily basis. This is how I used these applications to make a photographic quilt. It's pretty simple, just takes a bit of patience.

The items you'll need to make one for yourself is:
• sewing machine
• photo editing software
• color printer
• iron and ironing board
• 2 rolls of white thread
• 1 roll to match the backing of the quilt
• fabric (amount based on the size of the quilt) for the front and back
• batting for the padding of the quilt
• cutting board
• cutter and ruler
• 1 tapestry needle
• 1 all purpose needle

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Step 1: Choose your size & image

Picture of Choose your size & image
For my quilt, I choose the size 54X76 which is a little bit larger than double size matress measurements. Once I determined my size, I made an image size of 27X38. Each one of my squares in the quilt will be 2 inches. I then proceeded to set up my design, in this case, it was a rubber duck in water. Now that I have that finalized, I take down the resolution until it's 27 pixels by 38 pixels.

The image will be scaled down drastically. I zoom in so that I can see all the pixels which will later be the 2 inch squares of fabric. As you can see, there are a lot of colors. The next step will be stripping them out.

Step 2: Stripping the extra colors out

Picture of Stripping the extra colors out
Now that I've got the image selected and scaled, I start to remove some of the colors to make it more manageable. I am able to get my image down to 26 colors.

The next thing I do, is print out the picture of the rubber duck and then make a screen shot of the color palette. I will print both out as large as I can.
Wow!! Now if I only knew how to work the pictures on the computer...I could floor my whole family with my 1st quilt!!!
Mauigerbil3 years ago
That is cool! I would make nyan cat on a quilt.
pickle13413 years ago
what software did you use to get this effect?
Incrxtc (author)  pickle13413 years ago
I used Macromedia's Fireworks, but Adobe Photoshop can do it as well.
Great idea!
Wow! I really like how you transformed the image. Great job!
Juya4 years ago
This is very special. I think you've just reinvented quilt-making. Better get a patent! ...seriously.
Incrxtc (author) 4 years ago
Thank you all for the kind words. :D
thats beautiful
angelabchua4 years ago
Wow! This probably the most amazing quilt ever created by humans! The possibilities are endless! I think this will by next quilt project!
ChrysN4 years ago
Cool, that looks amazing!
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Wow. That is AWESOME