Step 7: Sewing the Rows Together.

Now that I have a few rows put together, I start to join them. I iron the raw sewing edges in the same direction per row. Then for the next row that I sew on to it. I sew the raw edges the other direction so that I don't have to sew over six layers of fabric if they both decided to fold over in the same direction. This also helps to keep the quilt smooth. When sewing rows together, I manually align the square seams so they line up between the two rows.
Wow!! Now if I only knew how to work the pictures on the computer...I could floor my whole family with my 1st quilt!!!
That is cool! I would make nyan cat on a quilt.
what software did you use to get this effect?
I used Macromedia's Fireworks, but Adobe Photoshop can do it as well.
Great idea! <br>
Wow! I really like how you transformed the image. Great job!
This is very special. I think you've just reinvented quilt-making. Better get a patent! ...seriously.
Thank you all for the kind words. :D
thats beautiful
Wow! This probably the most amazing quilt ever created by humans! The possibilities are endless! I think this will by next quilt project!
Cool, that looks amazing!
Wow. That is AWESOME

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