My parents weren't into the idea of Save-The-Date cards, but I wanted to have the typical experience, so I needed to make my own to fulfill that idea.  This is too simple, and all fun.  Hope you get some ideas of your own!

(Even though I trapped you into another Alien Instructable, I made sure to mix some sweets in here so that you aren't too grossed out!)  My PredAlien came from a mall, from a cart that sold toys.  Amazingly, they had this thing for around $20 and I fell in love with it.  These Alien-type toys usually go for up to $100 each.  Totally lucked out.  So you have this cool, detailed toy that was never meant to play with, because it's too fancy...what do you do with it?  -- Answer - DRESS it up.  Celebrate it.  Haha.  

All you need for this instructable is an imagination, some cool props and a camera.

The candy words are via Madmoo on Fiverr :)  <--- here is a link to her stuff. Wow, I love the colors.

Step 1: Think About Your Message.

You want your guests to save the date.  You kinda want to convey the message of your love and the theme of your wedding.  Granted, we didn't have an AVPR themed wedding, although it would have been sweet...

Basically, you want to find something that expresses who you are and your union.  Maybe if you have a Star Wars Wedding, you could pose a couple action figures, dressed up, standing in the grass under some sunlight.  That would be awesome.  Maybe you want to just send the fancy message...so you can get some stones and paint letters on them and spell your message out.  Or even buy the image from someone else and then send out... www.Fiverr.com is a great place for personalized photography.  One seller actually does the stones that I'm talking about.  

The decision is up to you, if you love to create, maybe you'd like to do your own.  Or if you want to leave the work to someone else, there's a great outlet for that now.  And believe me...I took on way too many projects for our wedding!  :D
HA! Love it! A fiend of mine and her husband did a Predator Christmas, they had a full on predator mask on another friend and the two of them and all were decorating the tree with Santa hats. Best X-mas card ever!
Very interesting ible. You are a creative girl! Thanks for sharing your hard work.

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