In this instructable I wil be giving you advice and showing you an easy way to take photos of birds. Photographing birds may not be that easy, it is actually tedious and a bit annoying. Why? Birds are animals that can be easily scared and they react quickly by flying. But, if you are careful enough you can take amazing picture of birds around your community. Last semester, I make a project that involved taking pictures of the different species around my community. At first it sounded boring and a lot of work, but it turn out to be fun, amusing, and exciting. The pictures I am posting are some of the pictures I took for the project. Give it a try and you will be amazed  with the things you can achieve!

Step 1: Materials

-Camera (It can be a professional digital camera or a normal digital camera. I personally recommend using a professional digital that have different lenses. )
-A telephoto zoom lens (if you have one professional digital camera)

It my be a good idea to have someone helping you looking for birds. It is an easy way to take more pictures of different bird species. 4 eyes are better than 2!

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