Photographing Small Objects and Need a Background?





Introduction: Photographing Small Objects and Need a Background?

Create your own colours, textures or even use pictures as backgrounds.

Step 1: Make a Background Image on Your Laptop

I made this background in Photoshop, but you can use anything you like.
Save it so you can fill the screen with it in the next step.

Step 2: Put Your Laptop Behind Your Subject.

The wine glass is the foreground subject. The blue and yellow background for it is fills the laptop screen.

Step 3: Photograph What You See With Your Camera

-- A macro (close-up) setting may help.

-- If you light the subject, stop it spilling onto the screen by choosing the direction carefully (e.g. no frontal flash).

-- Watch out for digital artefacts (patterns or lines) on the background if it is too sharply focussed (see also comments from others).



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    Clever idea. I like to photograph my sea monkeys with different backgrounds, and so far I've just used coloured paper. I'll try this- it even gives some backlighting :)

    Thanks. Let me see some of your results sometime please.

    Very clever!  I have a large screen that I'll be able to use for bigger objects.  This is going to be quite useful for me!

    Pleased to hear that. Do please post some of your results.

    Clever idea, but I can see the lines on the screen.  Maybe with a lower f-stop, it would work better?

     Well spotted, thank you. You're absolutely right: setting a shallower depth of field would be the way to go. Please do let me know how you get on with that.

    P.S. There's also the risk of a Moire pattern being generated by the interaction of the screen pixels and the camera chip. Then the pixels get re-sized in the digital image editing app, so there's a whole lot going with lines in the picture.

    I think any method of "defocussing" the background image is worthwhile exploring. Over to you, folks.

    Maybe putting a piece of translucent paper/plastic over the screen to blur the image?

    Good suggestion: worth trying, thanks. Let me know how that goes, please.

    This is a clever way to use what you have to get what you need.