Step 3: Attaching a webcam to the microscope

Picture of Attaching a webcam to the microscope
Before you start, make sure your computer has drivers for your webcam.  You want to try out the camera and your webcam software before disassembling it.  

1. Unscrew your webcam case and remove from the case the circuit board with the USB cable.  

2. There will be a round plastic lens assembly.  Unscrew it from the board.  

3. Under the lens assembly, you should find a recessed area with a very small sensor.  Keep the sensor clean and don't touch it.  I recommend keeping the lens assembly on whenever you're not actually using this.  I've just blown off dust when I needed to.

4. Remove the eyepiece from the microscope.  Place the circuit board with the sensor pointing down on top of the tube.  Try to center the sensor in the tube where the eyepiece was.  Gently tape the circuit board onto the tube, trying if possible not to attach the tape to any electronic components that might break when you remove the tape or that might overheat in conjunction with the tape.  The first time I did this, I used electrical tape.  The second time, I used paper tape.