Introduction: Photography, How I Do It!

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For me photography don't really need good equipment, but simple techniques.

I know my product is good, but i believe in good packaging/picture to actually prove it. If my viewer will not open my picture? how will he/ she find out the goodness??
handmade things are always good, IF you package them beautifully.

I have an iPhone 6, and i got these pictures by that

Today i would show you some of my work. and i will share some tips and tricks i use.

Step 1: TIP 1 Good Light and a Good Prop

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in my exfoliating body butter instructable, i know if i just posted the round bar, no one will actually open it even.

i made some experiments, as you can see in the pictures. but in the end i settled with picture 4.

i used an old table as my prop, and a sunny window, added some potpourri for color. I preferred dried flowers as my exfoliate butter had dry ingredients. little but powerful picture.

Step 2: Tip 2: Taking Portraits

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for my toddler i used my red hand couches, and his dark blue blanket cover for amazing colour effect. both pictures are taken in front of the sunny window.

Step 3: Tip 3. Make Use of the Amazing Weather.

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place your point of focus on the weather (clouds) and the rest greenery and red tulips will emerge themselves

Step 4: Tip 4. Contrast of Neutral and Cool Colours.

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i used the back of my bathroom wall for this project

now you can see how much of a shade it actually pops up

Step 5: Tip 5. Rose Gold

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you need every thing pink to pop the rose gold shade out. i had to slightly change the saturation for this one. second picture is orginal along with it's placment.

  1. did you know both pictures are same?? only the difference is that 1st picture is inverted anticlockwise.. :)

Step 6: Tip.6

Picture of Tip.6

i took this picture inside the refrigerator. :D on top of the microwave dish

Step 7: Same Concept Different Images

Picture of Same Concept Different Images

i hope you guys enjoyed.

1. MENDHI hand (pop of colour and neutral background.)

2. EMBROIDERED slippers ( pop of shade with neutral background ) i made use of cemented wall as well .

3. sandwich burrito. all shades, white, brown, red, green, in side the sandwich.. but green is less so a pop of shade by using green mat.


Step 8:


Swansong (author)2017-05-11

I love the shot of the clouds moving over the mountains, it's beautiful :)

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