Am I missing something?!?!?
Simple, easy to understand. Great piece of beginning knowledge of photography, which can be very confusing. ;)
This are great shot <br>http://www.digitphotoinfo.com
Thanks for this instructable. It seems like everyone these days wants to know <a href="http://journeyintophotography.com/blog/" rel="nofollow">how to become a photographer</a> but at least you've outlined some tried and true techniques and tips. Thanks again.
Lens flare isnt always a bad thing. :)
Thanks man...i dont know what a pro will say abt this, but it sure is a good start for me. For amateurs like me....going into so much basic is more preferred as it introduces us to the common terminology also...in a simple easy to understand way....thanks again man
Thanks man...i dont know what a pro will say abt this, but it sure is a good start for me. For amateurs like me....going into so much basic is more preferred as it introduces us to the common terminology also...in a simple easy to understand way....thanks again man
Thanks for this. Page bookmarked, very easy to follow.<br>Still need some time to get the aperture, shutter speed and the like all sorted out in my mind though.
Thank you so much. I took notes! :)
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Thanks for the great tips I now have this page bookmarked incase i need to go back and re-read. I only recently got into photography and your I'ble is very clear and easy to understand
Wow, What a picture!
There is only one thing I would have added in your instructable. I'm new to photography so I wont be able to explain this too well, so hopefully someone can brush it up a little.<br><br>The topic is about &quot;leading lines&quot;. You have a great example of it in your last set of photos, the second photo in the group where the couple is walking on the road away from the camera. The road not only follows the rule of thirds (starts along the right vertical line, then transitions into the diagonal line you spoke of) but it also creates a very nice leading line.<br><br>When you look at that pic, the first thing you typically notice is the couple, then your eye is drawn down to the road they're on, and your eye follows the road into the rest of the picture.<br><br>Leading lines are a great way to tie subjects into the rest of the picture.
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Thanks so much for this instructable! It was very helpful, I learnt a lot :-)
this is a kickass photo right here. i'd say its my favorite of the ones you posted... almost looks surreal like a painting
I agree, it does look like a painting. Fantastic.
excellent instructable explained alot for me as i have decided to become a photographer and this just gave me a leg up to get started on so 5* and keep up the great work
Good basic Instructable. Just the right amount of detail for an intro. It was all clearly explained (but then I've got a pretty good understanding already). I've been a photographer for 30 years and read this to see if I could pick up any new tips or techniques. I don't often do night shots so I did learn a few things there. Well done. Thanks
I just got a set of expansion tubes for macro, would a narrow aperture increase the depth of field in such cases ?
The lens flare in the fourth picture could be easily confused for a UFO sighting.
Or ghosts.... Orbs as they're termed :P
yeah, really nice, almost looks computer generated. It also reminds me of something out of harry potter or something like that. :)
Good work. I knew the technical stuff about aperture and shutter speed, but not so much about lighting and the Rule Of Thirds (tm). I feel I've learned some good basics to get my photos looking a lot more professional now! Thanks! Joe
In the section on exposure, I suggest better explaining how the camera's auto exposure works. The camera assumes that whatever you are shooting at is sort of neutral grey, and exposure is calculated based on that. If you are shooting at something that is, indeed, kind of neutral in tone, all is well. But what if you are shooting at snow? It comes out too dark. What if the subject is a black cat? It comes out too light. That's when you use the exposure compensation control. When you shoot at something light, you add EV to overexpose a little. Shoot something dark, spin to -EV to underexpose a little. Once you really understand this, photography makes a lot more sense. It was a true AH-HA! moment for me. Then you can begin studying the different metering modes the camera offers. Soon you will be able to look at a scene and know how the camera sees it. Ultimately you can then master manual exposure, for maximum control.
I learned a lot from your instructable ledzeppie. Thank you very much! :)
vancouverite? am i correct? :) good stuff you wrote
Very nice, and without getting too much into the nitty gritty detail!
Ledzeppie Great tips . Thank you .You explain stuff nicely (and english isnt even my home laguage) Where can i contact you for more photography info ? (e mail adress maybe) Thanks Dries
is this the NYC's skyline, fron Brooklyn side? I think i was on this bench two weeks ago ;)
Very well done, very clear explained in a few words!
Great Instructable! After reading this I borrowed my friends EOS 40D, and here is a portrait photo: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4011/4659853696_1e2604c032_b.jpg
good job explaining the rule of thirds, a biggie when it comes to composition. a more advanced concept regarding composition I've also seen used is the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio" rel="nofollow">golden ratio</a><br> <br> also, nice to see my favourite city looking so good!

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