This is a simple "Zombification" that can be done on any art/photo program that has layers and the basic tools of cut and paste. If you don't have one a FREE program is GIMP , that can do all you need and did I mention it is FREE! For this instructable I am using Photoshop Elements 2, an ancient Bare-bones version of Photoshop.

First you will nee four images: a victim, a skull, a graveyard, and raw meat. These can all be found online or you can go take them yourself and get some air!


One piece of advice, SAVE AND SAVE OFTEN!!!


Step 1: Stack the Images

Open the file of your victim, select all and copy it. Now open a new file the same size, fill it with black, and paste the victim into the new file. This will put it on a layer above the black. Do a copy & Paste of the graveyard and the skull between the victim and the black background.
Fantastic! Very creepy.
Thanks Scoochmaroo! I'm glad you like it!

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