Photon Air Quality (PM 2.5) Monitor


Introduction: Photon Air Quality (PM 2.5) Monitor

This is a web enabled PM2.5 monitor. It was designed to be cheap and easy to build. No soldering and no special software or drivers to install. This sensor was designed to be used in the classroom setting to introduce students to STEM. It uses a Photon as the microcontroller and a shinyei PPD42 air sensor. The full instructions and research can be found at

Step 1: Setup the Photon on Your WiFi.

In this step you will get the photon connected to your wifi and communicating with the cloud.

Step 2: Putting the Code on Your Photon.

This step shows you how to put the operating code on your photon.

Step 3: Build Your Air Sensor

This shows all the steps required to build the air sensor.

Step 4: Modifying and Reading the Code

If you are interested in changing the code.

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just a simple question how can I switch to ug/m3 ?

Thank you so much

2 replies

The ratio value just tells you how long the sensor was blocked for. The PM25 is reading in ug/m3

more info at

Thank you so much!! ,
this is really helpful for me,
I live in Italy and I try to collect some data to sensibilize my municipality ( i live in a small town) to pm25 pollution due to the increased traffic in my area. Your project is perfect to involve also my 14 year old daughter to built ,use and sharing data using the iot

Thought I'd seen this somewhere. Found you here just randomly browsing. Nice work!

Thanks for sharing!