Photoshop: Classic Black and White photo techniques.

An alternative way to make a black and white photo in Photoshop, NOT just by clicking Mode -> Grayscale. Check inside for more detail.
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Step 1: The original photo

The original color photo was taken at Wat Sam Kor Temple, Chacheongsao, Thailand during my friend's ordination.

Step 2: Simple B/W method

Normally if you only choose Mode -> Grayscale, you can only get a Black and White image like this, the resulting color is too flat.

Step 3: Alternative way to make a B/W photo.

By using the alternative way, you can make a photo like this.

Step 8: Make a border selection.

Under the menu Select -> All, then Select -> Modify -> Border, this time I choose 50, but it depends on the size of your photo.

Then choose Select -> Feather, and this time I use 30, but it also depends on your image size.

Step 9: Darken the border

Choose Image -> Adjustment -> Curve, darken the border area.

Step 10: Done.

The finished image is like a developed B/W using old film.