Since the dawn of time, man has been both fascinated and confused by technology. One such misunderstood technological wonder in today's world is known as "Photoshop". In this Instructable, I will attempt to teach you the basic tools that Photoshop has to offer!

Fear not, the world of Photoshop is less daunting than one may think. All you need is a computer, and according to a Opinion Research Corporation's CARAVAN poll, 76% of American adults own their own computer. It is also unlikely that you would be reading this Instructable if you didn't at least have access to a computer.

OK, now I will tell you EXACTLY what I will cover in this Photoshop Instructable!
-An in-depth look at the basic tools, as well as more advanced usages of these tools (marquee tool, zoom, move tool, quick select tool, crop tool, brush, and erase). I will use a possible Photoshop project to further explain the uses and importance of certain tools.
-I will also cover some tips and tricks that I have learned

Computer - You probably already have one of these


Photoshop - You have a higher chance of not owning this as it is quite pricey if you don't get a student discount.
Gimp - I know it isn't as good as Photoshop, but it is a FREE ALTERNATIVE to Photoshop, I have provided a link to their website.

If you find this Instructable helpful, feel free to visit my forum topic with other tutorials that I have created in order to help you figure out the basics of Photoshop. It is looking a bit sparse right now, but I plan on expanding in the very near future.

Step 1: And So It Begins: Getting Started

First things first, you can't Photoshop a picture without first creating a Photoshop document. What you want to do is select File>New... and set your canvas size.

-Tip- If you copy an image from the internet, the size of the canvas will be the EXACT same size as the image you coppied. If you copy a 345x892 pixel image from the interwebs, that is going to be the size offered to you in the New... window.

I chose to re-size my canvas size to 1000x1000 pixels just to make it a nice box to put whatever comes to mind into it. I looked up puppies in Google images, and was about to make this Instructable about the basics of Photoshop, with puppies being my lab rats, but decided a car would be much easier for demonstration purposes. It is easier to Photoshop because you do not have to worry about hairs. I find Photoshopping something with hair to be more difficult, and not suited for a basic tutorial.

Once you find the right image, copy and paste it into the canvas (Ctrl+V for PC, Command+V for Mac)
Feel free to tell me if I confused you with any of my wording, or if I went too fast on one section or another. Feel free to make a suggestion on how I should demonstrate the "Future Tools" that I listed in the last step.
<p>Or you can just search for &quot;Green *Insert car name here *&quot; on google</p>
<p>I'm using an iMac, but when I copy pictures into PS, all that comes up is this weird &quot;JPEG&quot; logo. Is my format wrong?</p>
<p>I got stuck on the second step itself. You mentioned command + X after inverting the selection. However, I'm a pro PC guy and using CTRL + X on PC doesn't work.</p><p>Considering it's a tutorial meant for absolute beginners, I suggest and request that you mention PC shortcuts for each and every command you use and even show another way of doing that via the interface without using shortcuts.</p><p>Sadly, it got me frustrated from photoshop again and I threw my hands up and quit after the second point.</p>
<p>Thank you</p>
Hey just keep it coming. I'm a 100% newbie to PSE9, having just installed it yesterday. Any and all help is appreciated. Can you suggest any good, basic books? The one I bought is a little advanced.
Photoshop for dummies is pretty easy for me to understand.
I've never actually used a book to learn Photoshop, I've basically learned everything I know from tutorials online. I can then use the techniques and tools that were demonstrated in those tutorials for a completely different looking Photoshop. I'll link a few good sites that have beginner tutorials, and more complex advanced Photoshops<br> <br> <a href="http://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/">Here is a site that has a small selection</a> (compared to the next link) of Photoshop Tutorials. I've linked what they describe as &quot;beginner&quot; tutorials, so that should be where I would advise you to look at first.<br> <br> <a href="http://10steps.sg/category/tutorials/photoshop/">This site has more advanced tutorials</a>, but the end result is usually really professional looking, even if the tutorial wasn't all that difficult. This site has a ton more tutorials than the first, but some are quite complex.<br> <br> Another tip for finding good tutorials is to just google something that you are interested in, like a style of Photoshop like &quot;grunge&quot;, &quot;typography&quot;, or &quot;retro&quot;. I like these 3 because they are simple, but give a very recognizable look to your posters. I like these styles because I create some posters for organizations around campus sometimes.<br> <br> A good google search that I use to find interesting and informative Photoshop Tutorials is: [insert keyword here] photoshop tutorials<br> An example of this search would be: Amazing Photoshop tutorials<br> You would be surprised at what pops up. At the top of the list in google are usually a collection of 35-100 Photoshop tutorials in a long list that can be described as amazing, or the other keyword that you used in your search.<br> <br> I hope this information helps, I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you the names of any good tutorial books, but I have always learned best from doing, so I prefer to look up a tutorial, follow it exactly, and then use the skill and tools that I learned in that tutorial to create something unique.<br> <br>
Wow, I just now realized how horrible that last paragraph/sentence is... anyway my next tutorial will probably combine textures and typography in order to create a poster of some kind.<br> <br> If you thought that this instructable helped you out at all, I have a previous instructable that focuses less on the tools, and more on the outcome <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Photoshop-Basics-A-Building-Banner/">HERE</a>. In it, I'm basically digitally hanging an Instructables banner on the side of a building, as well as showing you how to adjust some photo settings to make a picture really stand out.<br>
Thanks again. Who says the Internet is just filled with creeps and is all porn? I certainly will check the tutorials out. I'm going to the library later today so I'll see what they have. I already pay taxes so I might as well save my money,especially since you provided so much.

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