Adding "life" to the eyes of a model is a very popular technique that portrait, fashion, lifestyle and wedding photographers use.  Most of the time the catchlights do the job for you, but every once in a while you might want an extra boost, so to speak. 

You will need:
  • Photoshop (or similar editing program)

**Note: as with many other photoshop techniques, this look may differ from eye to eye, and usually the eyes with more contrast and detail in them will have the best result.  Unfortunately, I was unable to recruit such eyes for the images in this tutorial, so bear with me here.

Step 1: Shape

The first step will give you your basic shape.  You'll need to make a new layer by hitting Shift+Cmd+N (if using a PC, Shift+Ctrl+N).  With the new layer selected, use the Elipse Tool to create a solid white circle that's a little smaller than the iris of the eye. 

*Note that I have "Fill Pixels" selected in the top menu bar, if you don't have this selected, there will be a border around the shape that will completely change how this process works.
I had no idea this was a common technique for portrait editing, but I really see the difference int he before/after shots. thanks for posting!
Well, there's really quite a few different techniques to do this. This is the "slow but steady wins the race" way. I think the result is much more controlled this way. :)

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