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Introduction: Photoshop Lightsaber

This is how to draw a lightsaber in photoshop!

Step 1: Open Background or Create New Picture.

You can either open a picture or create a new picture, whichever you do, make sure that where you're drawing the blade is not too bright!(If it is the blade won't show up! My example has a background color "400000".)

Step 2: Draw Blade

This is when you draw the blade. If you have to draw the handle, make it about 2px bigger than the blade.
1) Start from the close end of the handle going as long as you want the blade.
2) Rounde the end of the blade by going to the paintbrush tool and make it as wide as the blade. Put it at the far end of the blade.

Step 3: Color the Blade

Color the blade by:
1) Going to Layer/Layer Style/Outer Glow
2) the settings are


3) Choose your color!
4) Click OK!

Step 4: Done!

This is what it should look like when your done if you did it right!



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    Help! I'm stuck on step 3. I have Photoshop 4.0, and it won't let me choose Outer Glow in the Layers menu. No matter what I try, I can't manually set outer glow around the white line. What do I do? Is 4.0 too old for this tutorial?

    1 reply

    have you rasteriezed the line?

    I like the glow of this one better than the other one :-P

    your pick, lol "is it a spider?"

    no, it hasn't, that one is for editing a picture or movie, while this is for a nice, simple animation trick.

    But it's the same process

    when i did this I didn't know it had already been done before

    You're supposed to consider that before you write an instructable.

    OK! I posted this a year ago as my first instructable, I get the point.

    Why comment on a year old subject? (rhetorical question)

    Copy my about-to-post-comment.


    the blade has to be on its own layer

    If you use it on text u get a neon tube sort of look this is my logo using this trick


    damn it i can't resist BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!