This tutorial will show you how to match color between 2 photos or more, so you can make a perfect blend images!
<p>This isn't showing up on Chrome.</p>
great, very informative, works on older version of photoshop. I've learned something new today. But, I have to know or its going to drive me nuts what is the background song
Easy and effective. Very nice, thanks!
This isn't showing up on Foxfire. :(
Is this only for CS3, or is it on the older versions?
i do in cs3 but i think it is in older versions <sup></sup> try and comment<br/><br/>thanks, and sorry for my english im not using a translator<br/>
Very nice!
does it let you do this between layers?
you ned 2 layers one for the colour (base) and other for blend (put on the base) sorry my english is bad. im not using a translator
haha i really like this. super useful. supa supa!

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