Step 3: Configure the GIMP PhotoShop Plug-In

Before installing the Plugins (and especially under Linux) you need to decide where you're installing the plugins. It's easier to keep them all in one place. On my linux box, for example, all of mine are in ~/bin/pspi
The next step is to start GIMP and open the Xtns menu in the main program window.
There is now a new item in the menu: Photoshop Plug-In Settings...
Select that item and a dialog window opens, which you will use to identify the directory or directories where you will install the photoshop plugin files.

The first step is to click the button to the far left, which looks like a blank sheet of paper. Before you add a new path to this dialog, you must always click this icon. Otherwise you will simply change the path that is selected in the dialog. I went a few rounds with this dialog before I found that out.

When you click the paper, if it is not already available, the textbox to the right becomes accessible. You can type in the path to your plugin folder, or click the ellipsis button to the right of it, and a standard file open dialog appears. Navigate to the proper folder and click OK.

The path will be added to the configure dialog. If you need to add more paths, remember: always click the blank paper icon before adding a new path. You may need to do this in Windows if plugin installers litter plugins in various locations.

Note: My screenshots are a bit old, and since making them I have discovered that PSPI will read subdirectories, which originally I had trouble with. In my screenshots, I navigate to the directory containing the actual plugin files - the .8bf files themselves - and use that directory. This would mean for each plugin you install, you would have a directory in the PSPI configuration. There's nothing wrong with this, and it may be necessary in some cases under Windows. However it's not necessary, as I later realized. So the text says one thing, and the images another -- you can pick which you prefer, neither is wrong.

When you are done, click OK. A dialog window will open telling you that "The new search path will be used next time GIMP is started." So... Restart GIMP!

Now that you've read this step, you don't necessarily have to do this first. You COULD do the next step first, then come back to this step. It's up to you.
Ok I followed all the steps til now and I tryed installing the TOPAZ LABS which are EXE files and tryed to open gimp..of course I got an error message.so I unistalled the pspi and installed it again and uninstalled tthe topaz labs still Error..is there anyway I can start over..or something...any tips?
I am using windows and I tryed creating a directory but each time I get an error message that it cannot be accessed...what do I do then
yeah heres a hint re-read step one and pay attention to the first line. and if that tho difficult heres a copy <br> <br>step 1Assumptions, Prerequisites and Caveats <br>This tutorial assumes you have installed The GIMP, and is based on versions 2.2 and 2.4 of the software.
mine keeps saying accsess denied when i try to copy it
I'm not sure, I don't know how to get it out of the folder its in and into the gimp plug-in folder. I tried extract all and how frustrating...
I downloaded the file but can't seem to find the plug-ins for Gimp can you help me?
Not sure what you mean? Are you looking for the directory where GIMP keeps its plugins? What operating system are you using, and what version of GIMP?
Hi thanks for replying. I'm using 2.6.3 and I'm using Windows Vista 32 bit.
I have the same problem any hints?

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