Step 4: Obtain and Install PhotoShop Plugins

he next step is to obtain some photoshop plugins. Tor comments in the README file that you should install your plugins one at a time, to be sure they work. This is generally good advice. The two plugins I demonstrate later in this tutorial are the Flaming Pear filters, LunarCell and Anaglyph Flip. The one I demonstrate in this step is the Image Doctor from Alien Skin. (see links)

The FlamingPear LunarCell filter, Alien Skin Image Doctor filter, and many other photoshop filters available on the internet are shareware. You may download and try them for free, but if you intend to use the filters regularly you should register them.

The Anaglyph Flip filter is from a filter pack named "Freebies," which are just that-filters you can use without registration, free of charge. Other free filter packs are available all over the internet, some better than others. Google is a good place to start.

Also, Alien Skin will not support Image Doctor installed and used under The GIMP, in any OS. The installer actually says so, and does not recommend you try it. In experimenting with the plugin I found it worked fine, but proceed at your own risk should you also want to try this particular filter.

When you have downloaded the filters, save them to a location you can find later. On my Windows computer, I saved the files to C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\pspi-plugins
On my Linux box, I saved them to ~/bin/pspi/
I kept each plugin's files in its own directory within the pspi directory in both OSes, to make them easier to manage. However, pspi only needs to be configured with the directory that holds these plugin directories. It will search further in if needs be.
Note: in the directory you specify, and in any subdirectories, do not put any .exe or .dll files that do not belong to a plugin (for example, installer EXE files). They might cause pspi to error while loading the plugins, and some or all of your plugins will not be available. Move those files to another location in case you need them. I placed them in ~/bin/pspi-inst

Some plugins need to be installed in order to work. In Windows, this is a trivial issue: run the installer, answer the questions, and you're ready to go. simply remember where you installed the plugin.

However, linux users must go through the extra step of using wine to "install" the plugin. Because this took me a little extra time to figure out, I will explain here what I did.

For this example I am using the Alien Skin Image Doctor demo (see links).
I have wine installed and configured already, so I simply go to a terminal and at the shell prompt type:
wine ImageDoctorDemo.exe

The Installer should launch. when I am prompted to select an installation location, it does not matter what I choose as long as I can remember it later. I told the installer to install to C:\Plugins and let it run, answering the rest of the questions as though I were a windows user. The installation completes successfully.

Internally, wine maps the "windows C:\" drive to a directory in my home directory, ~/.wine/drive_c/ so all I have to do is copy the directory ~/.wine/drive_c/Plugins/Auto Eye Image Doctor to the same directory with my other PS plugins:

cp -R "~/.wine/drive_c/Plugins/Auto Eye Image Doctor" ~/bin/pspi

That should do it. Shut down GIMP if it's still running, and restart it. This will cause PSPI to register the new photoshop plugins. You can look for them by opening an image (or creating a new one) and checking the "Filters" menu. They should be at the bottom.
Ok I followed all the steps til now and I tryed installing the TOPAZ LABS which are EXE files and tryed to open gimp..of course I got an error message.so I unistalled the pspi and installed it again and uninstalled tthe topaz labs still Error..is there anyway I can start over..or something...any tips?
I am using windows and I tryed creating a directory but each time I get an error message that it cannot be accessed...what do I do then
yeah heres a hint re-read step one and pay attention to the first line. and if that tho difficult heres a copy <br> <br>step 1Assumptions, Prerequisites and Caveats <br>This tutorial assumes you have installed The GIMP, and is based on versions 2.2 and 2.4 of the software.
mine keeps saying accsess denied when i try to copy it
I'm not sure, I don't know how to get it out of the folder its in and into the gimp plug-in folder. I tried extract all and how frustrating...
I downloaded the file but can't seem to find the plug-ins for Gimp can you help me?
Not sure what you mean? Are you looking for the directory where GIMP keeps its plugins? What operating system are you using, and what version of GIMP?
Hi thanks for replying. I'm using 2.6.3 and I'm using Windows Vista 32 bit.
I have the same problem any hints?

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