Photoshop Tutorial - How to Create Adjustment Layers


Introduction: Photoshop Tutorial - How to Create Adjustment Layers

Photoshop Tutorial Video. This video will show you how to use adjustment layers to create or enhance your artwork.



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    Please, do not put up an instructable with a YouTube video in it. If you have to, at least put up a basic tutorial that you van read on instructables. Thanks

    2 replies

    Then why does Instructable allow people to put up YouTube videos?

    If YouTube videos were not allowed, then I don't think I - or anyone else - would be able to do it. So far this video has 165 views and 10 favorites - so I obviously must be doing something right...

    and as far as instructions go - all of the written instructions are directly in the video.

    Wait a minute ... did you even bother to watch the video?

    I think you'd get quite a few more views if you posted screenshots with some written explanation. If you look at the contests and compare video-only 'ibles with ones that have well-done step-by-steps, you'll find it's rare for a video 'ible to do better. Videos can be good at explaining things, but people on mobile devices (which is a sizeable and growing part of the internet) are less likely to watch a video when they can get something that explains what they want to know in images and text.