Introduction: Photoshop Tutorial; Line Art (w/out Illustrator)

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Creating Multi-line / Ribbon Art in Photoshop (w/out Illustrator).
*The specs given in this tutorial are relative to the chosen document size and type. You may use any size and type with slight modifications to the other specs used in this process.

Get started!

Open New photoshop document;
*Preset: Web
*Size: Width=640 pixels, Height:480 pixels
*Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
*Color Mode: RGB Color (8 bit)
*Background: White

Step 1:

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I.) Add New Layer

II.) Pen Tool; (Select "Path" for type) Create 4 anchor points

Step 2:

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III.) Convert Point Tool; To curve lines, click and drag anchor points.
*NOTE: Directions play a part in the curve. The arrows in the images show the direction that I "dragged".

Step 3:

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IV.) Brush: Brush Presets; I am using a 13 px Hard Brush, 0 degrees, Spacing (Checked): 25%
*This will be the thickness and style that our curved path with become.

Step 4:

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V.) Paths; Choose the Paths Channel. With the "Work Path" Layer Selected, Right-Click and choose "Stroke Path".

Step 5:

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VI.) Deactivate "Work Path" Layer.
*The Stroke is now drawn onto the transparent layer in the "Layers" Pannel. Click in an empty area of the "Paths" Pannel to deactivate the "Work Path" Layer. Then click on the "Layers" Pannel to modify your Stroke.

Step 6:

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VII.) Add Stroke Style; Select the stroked layer, Add a Layer Style, Add a Stroke Style. Stroke Style Settings; Size:6, Outside, Normal, 100% Opacity, Color:Red.

Step 7:

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VIII.) Duplicate, Repeat. While the layer is selected; duplicate it (right+click, duplicate OR Ctrl/Cmnd+J). Repeat Layer Style and change only two settings; Size:12, Color:Orange.

Step 8:

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IX.) Repeat and Grow. Repeat the last step two more times. The new colors are Yellow, then Green. The new sizes will be 14, then 18. 
*You may keep the lines uniformed by increasing all lines by a set value (Line 1 Size:6, Line 2 Size:8, Line 3 Size:10, Line 4 Size:12, etc.)

Step 9:

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X.) Reverse Layers; Select all layers, Go to "Layers" Menu, "Arrange", "Reverse". Then Merge all layers except the background layer (Right-Click, Merge Layers. Make Sure all of the Merging Layers are selected/Highlighted)

Step 10:

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XI.) Cut Stroke in half; Back in the "Paths" Pannel, Select "Work Path" layer. Use the Pen Tool, again, as a Path to connect the ends of the original Stroke.

Right-Click the Work Path Layer and choose "Make Selection". Click OK to the default settings. This will select the part of the drawing on the inside. Hit delete to get rid of it.

Step 11:

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XII.) Rid filler; Back in the Layers Pannel, Select the black line with the magic wand, and delete it.

Step 12:

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XIII.) Play; Add more layer styles on each stroke for different effects. (Drop Shadows, Emboss, Satin Overlays, etc.)

Just have fun!


amandaghassaei (author)2012-08-27

this would be cool to use for letters

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