Picture of Photoshop a fantasy mummy axe
This tutorial is the first step in creating a fantasy photoshop of a mummy wielding an axe.
Today we will build the axe, mostly from scratch.

The screen captures are from Photoshop CS2, but should be applicable to most versions with little difficulty.

This tutorial assumes you know some basic workings of the program, basic layers, the simple tools, and dragging and dropping.
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Step 1: Source picture, some old metal from a blade

Picture of Source picture, some old metal from a blade
cut out the metal from its background, duplicate it a bunch of times (copy-paste) and spread them around, then :

use the clone tool to fill in any gaps and smooth out any dark/light patchy parts. With the selection

method of your choice (mask/erase) make the silhouette of the axe head. (in the layers panel: name the layer by double clicking on the text label and typing)

Step 2: Duplicating the axe and cutting out the design

Picture of Duplicating the axe and cutting out the design
Duplicate the axe (in the layers panel: right click on the layer's name - duplicate layer)

Set the top layer blending mode at the top of the layer panel to MULTIPLY (from normal) so that you
can see it on top of the original layer.

With the dark layer selected, Delete/Erase/mask out the areas that will be raised gold areas.

note:(I think I actually did this by cutting out shapes placing them where I wanted, flipping them,
merging them and then selecting them at 255 with the magic wand to get a selection pattern going back to the dark layer pressing delete and then turning off the extra shape layer.)

Step 3: Beveling the design

Picture of Beveling the design
(this is a good time to save)

Put the Blending mode of the top layer back to "normal" in the Layer panel (from multiply) and turn
off the original grey layer below it.

Now we can do a layer effect in the layer panel. Make sure the top layer is active by selecting it.
Right click the label of the top layer and get a pop up menu. Choose "blending options" to get the

"Layer Style" popup menu.

Check the boxes for Inner Shadow, Inner Glow and Bevel&Emboss. Each Type has its own screen when you double click it.

We will set each one next.