Photoshop: Create Glassy Text


Introduction: Photoshop: Create Glassy Text

** I'm Dutch so please say if I need to correct something **

We are going to create a glassy text in Photoshop CS2.
I've added some screenshots, they are Dutch, but I think you can see what I mean.

This is my first Instructable, hope you like it. :)

Step 1: The Text

- Make a new file with a black background. I made it 400x700px

- Put a nice text on it.

Step 2: The Effects

We are using the following effects: inner glow, a gradient and a border. Thats all!!

Look at the screenshots for the settings.
As I said, the text is Dutch but you can see what to change.

Step 3: Reflection

- Duplicate the text layer (ctrl + j)
- Make a new layer beneath that one.
- Merge them. (ctrl + e)
- Flip it vertically
- Move it beneath the original text layer.
- Make the opacity about 20%.
- Add a layer mask
- With the brush tool, draw with a soft 100px brush a straight (by holding the shift key) black line on the layer mask. See the screenshot for the position.



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    I just put a red line there to show where you need to use the 100px black brush.
    It is used to mask the bottom part of the reflection.

    ahh..i guess if i read id figure that out...

    Good work, Keep it up.

    soo gunna try this w my logo

    great tutorial. this is easier than the way I used to do it (apply gradient, cut gradient, apply another gradient, border, gradient, etc.) I never thought to use blending options to make glass. thanks