No tripod needed. Take clusters of photos from any angle and free Photosynth software creates a 3D panorama. Shoot freestyle as fast as you can from every angle. With Photosynth, even a simple point-and-shoot can create Gigapixel size interactive images.

Step 1: Sign Up, Download, and Install

You will need a Hotmail or Windows Live email account before you start.

Next, visit http://www.photosynth.net and sign in to Photosynth.

Download and install the Photosynth software for Windows XP or Vista:

this is interesting, I'll have to play around with it a bit.&nbsp; thanks<br />can you save these panoramas to your computer, or do you have to view them online?<br />
also how do I get the view of only the pixels/ vertex's like you have
I love the point cloud view. Hold down the Ctrl key to see the points. Or you can press the P key to switch to points only.
Very neat.

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