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Introduction: Photozz's Workshop

This is the cave. Its unheated and dirty. I go here when I have been bad, or and being forced to make something for my delightful bride. I keep many tools so I can fulfil her every "make me this thing" desire.

The fully looking thing in the corner with the big wheels is a welding cart I made from an old 10 speed. The big wheels make it a go-anywhere cart. Stairs are a breeze.



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    I'll bet you cleared the deck before these photos. With a shop like that, you must have at least half a dozen projects going on. Thanks for sharing.

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    no, its always that.. *cough *cough Sorry.. choked on that one. There might have been some sweeping..

    I agree, but it is a good idea to clean up your workshop before taking pictures of it so the viewer was a better look at the workshop.