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in this instructable I will explain the principle of flight hot air balloon (known as sky lanterns). I had hot air balloons for school project, so,I thought that it might be interested to other people see how hot air balloons works and I translate it from my language.
About tutorial for making hot air balloons, there is full instructable.com of it,so, just search a little bit. :)

Sorry for possible grammar mistakes in advice, english isn't my mother language.

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So, here we go! :D

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Step 1: Historical Introduction

What are hot air balloons?

As you may already figured it out, hot air balloon in basic is just some big bag in which you put heated air,which is produced by some fire source, so it could fly.

  • Hot air balloons were used in WW2 by Japan, they were bombing America, principle was that they were catching air streams for navigation, and then when they will get to target place, they will just shut down the flame. It is surprising that sometimes they would hit something, but they stopped because they did not know whether it working or not.
  • About sky lanterns, they were usually made from rice paper and bamboo frame, whole balloon was powered by bamboo paper dipped in wax. The principle is that fire heat up the air in the balloon which creates lift, and then lift is greater than balloon weight then it starts to rise. First great hot air balloon, was made by brothers Etienne & Joseph Montolfier. The balloon was made from paper and powered with burning thatch, volume of 800 m^3. It reached high of 2000 m and landed couple kilometers away.
  • Today, hot air balloons are used in sports, sky lanterns are used for some special occasions like birthday parties, new year celebrations, etc.

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