Picture of Physical Representation of Sound
This began from a desire to be able to physically represent sound, specifically the sound of myself playing piano blindfolded, complete with curses, clomps on the piano, and general frustration.
This instructable will show you how to make any song or .wav file into a three-dimensional physical object that can be created with a mill, a 3D printer, or any other method you desire.  

(Note: a huge shout-out to Carlo Sammarco for the Rhino and Grasshopper instructions and defintions, and to Devon Henry for Frequency Amplitude Quantifier.)
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Step 1: DCLabs Website

Picture of DCLabs Website
2 dc labs audio.jpg
Go to the wonderfully helpful website:

Scroll down to the section about Audio in Rhino, and download the .zip.
This .zip will contian a Rhino definition, a Grasshopper definition, a program called 'Frequency Amplitude Quantifier', and a .pdf with more detailed instructions about how to work all of them.
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