Physics Project: Mini Electric Motor Boat





Introduction: Physics Project: Mini Electric Motor Boat

For physics, I had to construct a boat that would successfully race down a 3m PVC track. We had limits on the dimensions, as well as the total voltage of the battery. The boat is really ugly, but it is fully functional. I attempted to model it after a catamaran, but it was no where near being the fastest in my class. It is made mostly of pink construction foam and hot glue.

I did not pick the paint, my partner did because I didn't care. It is also her handwriting on the boat.

I KNOW IT'S UGLY! But please feel free to ask questions or post comments.



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    What Reynald's Number did you expected before building it? And what were the results? I have got a really huge number which is around 100 K.

    - Do you have an explaination for it?



    Bhai.. Aisa model hi kyu bnaya... Agar banaya bhi to picture kyu dali net pe.. Samajh to aa nhi rhi.. Ek kaam kro.. Ek katora lo Aur bheekh mangna shuru Karo.. Tum usi layak ho

    He is asking for help, and instead of appreciating, ap usko ase bol re ho.

    If appreciate nhi kr skte toh its better not to say something bad.

    Mey Instructables dekhta hu , aj tera comment ko reply dene ke liye account oprn kiya ROHITR9 .

    Log ko chota maat kar yaar . Kisi ko karne se kohi bara nahi banta . Usko inspire kar , shayad usne ek din hamare samne kuch award winning project la sake .

    It is good but how to make it is still not clear to me plz help as soon as possible I need to make a science fair project

    hie ..i want help frm you
    plz help me in d motor boat ..i dont know wat to do ...can a motor boat be made with a thermocol nd how ?..
    can u plz explain wid the steps to fix it ol..
    plz let me know as soon as possible :)

    don't know if this one will help... i'll post soon our model of this type of boat...
    we do racing here in our place using only mini 4wd motor here's the link if u want to see how it runs...

    which kind of motor did u use?
    is it a dc motor?
    how did u make ur propeller?

    Sorry, I don't really know. It was  from a Hobby Shop and the packaging was all in Japanese so I didn't have a clue what it said. The motor reads "plasma 4WD". It took 4AA batteries to power it. The propeller was from the hobby shop too (premade).

    oh then that motor must have been a tamiya mini 4wd car motor........sadly these mini 4wd don't sell anymore