Picture of Pi Info Display
In this Instructable, I'll be showing you how you can build your own Info Display, controlled from a Raspberry Pi. This is a pretty simple project, but it's best if you already have some basic skills in these areas:
  • Computing in general
  • Experience with the linux command line
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
Keep in mind that I don't like to give exact step by step instructions, but just ideas - you'll learn far better if you're researching everything yourself than if you're going through some 100 step guide! If you don't have much or any experience with programming, why not make this your first project?
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Step 1: Hardware: Main Parts

Picture of Hardware: Main Parts
As the brains of your project, you'll need a Raspberry Pi. I'm running raspbian on mine, though I assume most of this would work fine on most other distros.
You'll also need a monitor which you can connect to the Pi. Preferably this should have HDMI, but I was able to use a HDMI > VGA converter and get away with using an old throwaway monitor. If you don't have any old monitors, head to some local places, and you might be able to find some old 4:3 displays being chucked out. The quality won't be great, but it should still work fine.
Remember that if you want to mount your monitor, you'll want one that is equipped with VESA mounting holes - more on that later.
I was able to rescue an old monitor from a local school, which was really good. However, I there was one major issue - it was rather old, so looked a bit outdated; see the photo above. To solve this, I just took the monitor apart, which was rather easy, and painted the front with some black paint, which worked surprisingly well!
KentR24 months ago

yeah could we get the source, this looks very cool.

cyber77 months ago

I really thought this was an Instructable. Not so... Pity though, as the concept is quite a novel one...

rockettim1 year ago

Love the idea - can you post your code for the web page here? I want to use this on a rooted Nook Simple Touch that I've installed Android on, with the built in web browser. Thank you!