Pi Necklace and Earrings




Introduction: Pi Necklace and Earrings

I made these for March 14, 2015, since Pi Day was such a big deal.

Step 1: I Started With Inkscape

I created the pi symbol in Inkscape by importing an image of the symbol (from Word) and then added the loop to the top.

I used this Instructable to transform the image into a clear vector outline.

This produced the .svg file.

Step 2: Import the SVG Into Tinkercad

I imported the SVG into Tinkercad, and made it thicker. The link to the file is here.

Step 3: Print on a 3D Printer

I resealed the file in the MakerBot software (that is the 30m file). Then I created the set (the other .thing file).

We have a Replicator 2, and it printed on the first try (I used the default settings, with no raft and no supports).

Step 4: File Can Also Be Cut on the Laser Cutter

I think the loop is a bit weak, but the wood is pretty.

Step 5: Jewelry

I added cotton cord and jump rings and earring hooks for the final set. They are light and easy to wear.



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