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Pi-Rat Pie consist of a solid chocolate rat, decked out in a Pi pirate hat and hook, bursting from a chocolate chip cookie pie (aka grease bar pie) with a sugar cookie lattice crust.

This was my first time doing something like this and there are some things i would do differently. 

1. Mix-a-mold, did not work that great. I wanted to use the food safe silicon mold maker but could not get it in time so had to go with what ever I could find in the art store.  I can't reuse the mold since it turned slimy and gross in the frig. Have patience and order it on line and go with the silicon.

2. Don't cool your chocolate in the frig, there was a lighter color chocolate film on the outside of the rat and was a real pain to remove. I think is because it cooled too quickly. It could also have been the  Mix -A-Mold's fault. 

3. The frosting that the hat and hook are made out of is called Fondant, I have a feeling this is why wedding cakes taste funny. They told me at the fancy cake store that it was like working with clay, i would say more like bubble gum. Since there seemed to be an abundance  of different moldable edible stuff i would try something else next time. 

So follow my steps and learn from my mistakes and you should come out with a fine little Pi-Rat
Good luck

Step 1: Clay rat

Picture of Clay rat
First you need to make the original for your rat. I did this with molding clay, as you can see not enough of one color but that does not matter. The bottom of the rat does not show but I was already there so finished it out any way.
nhoffnagle4 years ago
This is impressive. I want to make this now.
Northpole4 years ago
I love this pie! Is the first time i see a Beatiful rat :D! Amazing pie!
allpcnews4 years ago
Nice, I love it!
terryderry4 years ago
wow that looks pretty good, though not so crazy about the rats.Don't like 'em.
butterbeans4 years ago
wow. nice.
Mig Welder4 years ago
Hahaha I don't know why, but this line:
"I used fondant, you should use something else." seems hilarious! It really gets across your dislike of fondant :P
Nice 'ible up to now though!
Mirah Hara4 years ago
Fantasy University popped into my head when I saw this.
instruct394 years ago
really good stuff hear dude. at first i thought the rat made out of clay was going on the pie! :P
me too :)
frenzy4 years ago
There are too many references in this pie....

Merchant of Venice is one!
I feel so lame that i got none of them. Awesome Pi(e) though!!!
nak ilpug4 years ago
Yeah me too ;A;
depotdevoid4 years ago
Nice, I love it!
caitlinsdad4 years ago
I couldn't help but mouse over this ible. Neither am I fond of fondant.