I love baking.  I love math.  I love Pi Day!  When cooking/baking, I usually just try to make it taste good, but this year I wanted to make something that looked cool and tasted great.  I was inspired by the recent “cookie within a cookie” brilliance, and I decided that I needed to figure out how to put π into a pie.  

Step 1:

While brainstorming, this is the exact image that popped into my head….I just needed to find a way to make it happen!  I settled on a peanut butter pie with a chocolate π ring almost immediately.  I thought it would be relatively easy to dig trenches in the pie, and chocolate ganache seemed like an ideal filling.  First up: crust!
<p>it turned purple</p>
What a fun idea... the easiest way to make the pi and other filling the same consistency is to flavor some of the peanut butter filling with cocoa powder to make it dark and chocolatey. Then both parts will cut the same way.
<p>Spectacular idea!</p>
Thank you!!
I made this pi pie last night. Brilliant idea. Mine didn't really work out--the pi symbol in the middle, that is. Luckily, I put a pi symbol on top so my co-workers would get it. :o) <br> <br>The pie was delicious, though. Next time, I'll do a trial pi pie and leave more time to make it. The filling gets soft really fast! Still really amazing. Thanks!
You're very welcome, and that's a lovely pie! I'm so glad people are still enjoying my pi pie. :) I wasn't sure if this idea would work and did a trial run first - that was how I figured out that I needed to keep putting it back in the freezer!
I heard you like pi, so i put pi in your pie so u can enjoy pie while u enjoy pi.<br><br>i just had to do that, the set up was too perfect.
Haha yes! I wish I could say that Xzibit was my inspiration, but I didn't even know about it until my brother said something to me.
Nerdiness, puns, and pies! Can this get any better? :D Thank you for sharing!
This reminds me of the first 8 seconds of this video:<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKB4h9gvmm0
Thank you Stumbleupon for showing me this deliciousness!
Can you make one that's sugar-free for those of us who are pi-abetic? :D
I don't have a lot of experience with &quot;pi-abetic&quot; cooking or baking, but as a scientist, I love to experiment! I'll have to get back to you on that one...
Looooove this - so clever!!!
Thanks!! This might be the most artistic thing you'll ever see me do. :)
Very Creative and Imaginative! Looks wonderful! <br> <br>A Cheektowaga observer.....
I'm so glad you liked it! It's fun to know that baking is in my genes! :)
Phenomenol Pi <br> <br>Unbiased observer - Dr Py
I wonder who this could be! Thanks, Dad! ;)
you have got a ton if friends or something! almost 8000 views! yikes!!
I'm totally shocked by the number of views!! I don't how people are finding this....I thought I'd be lucky to break 100. :)
StumbleUpon. It's how I got here ^_^
That's awesome! A huge &quot;Thanks!&quot; to whomever stumbled upon this first, and many thanks to those who keep on coming. :) I hope people have as much fun looking at it as I had making it!
i am now starving!!!! looks delicious sarah :-)
Thanks, C! ;)
Hi! i really loved the pie! xD is so geek and fun hahaha, but i can give you an advice, when you will go to cook, and make a tutorial, i recommend you that don't use your nails in color, use them in natural, because that looks insanitary ^^
she is 1st place for right now on the pi contest i wish you luck
Actually, no The (App) le Pi my brothers has 2 votes, this has one, which came from me.
If I ever do this again, I'll definitely keep that in mind. It shouldn't be a problem, though -- as I noted, this is not my usual look! :) I'm glad you liked the pie!
Thanks for sharing! Amazing pie especially for my mathematician friends:)
I'm glad you enjoyed it - thanks!
This looks mathmagical! and delicious, you have piqued my curiosity on 2 fronts! excellent work!!
It's mathmagicaly delicious!
Awesome - thanks!
&quot;Mathmagical&quot; is my new favorite word -- thanks!
happy to share :) It's only fair, you share your delish peanutbutter Pi with us ;)
how clever
It looks tasty! And the Pi inside is fantastic!
Thank you! :)
Excellent work.
That's cool. Looks really good too.
Thanks! It was delicious - even the guests who don't love peanut butter agreed.
Just brilliant. I'm going to make this for my sons birthday. He knows Pi to 32 places (seems to go up every week).
That's awesome! I hope it turns out well. :) Happy birthday to your son!
Pi within pie. Head asplode.
Sorry? ;) Thanks for commenting!
His head asploded! Too much brilliance makes head asplode. Now brains everywhere.

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