Want to decorate your chest with something amazingly dorky? Want to stand out in a crowd? How about earn some serious geek cred, and the wonderment of your peers?


Introducing the PiE-Ink Name Badge - a Raspberry Pi Zero Python Powered E-Ink Linux Name Badge (what a mouthful!). A full wearable linux computer system on your chest!

This guide will take you through procuring the necessary components, putting them together, and coding the device - from beginning to end.

Beginners may want to take on an easier project - as this requires soldering, some linux-knowledge, coding, and is generally a little more complex. But hey - who am I to stop you? Do what you want!


Step 1: Parts List

The Basics

1. Soldering Iron - Order here

2. Solder - Order here

3. 30 AWG Wire - Order here

4. Helping Hands - Order here

5. USB or Bluetooth Keyboard - Order here

6. USB Wi-Fi Dongle (ignore if buying Pi kit with one included) - Order here

Specific Components

1. Raspberry Pi W Kit - Order here
OR Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3 Kit - Order here or here

2. Adafruit Powerboost 1000c - Order here

3. PaPirus 2" e-ink Hat - Order here

4. Mini Slide Switch - Order here

5. Micro USB Hub - Order here

6. Lipoly Rechargable Battery - Order here or here

7. USB LiPoly Charger - Order here

8. Adhesive Putty - Order here

9. Magnets - Order here

Optional Upgrades

1. Clear nail polish for weatherproofing - Order here

2. 3-D Print an enclosure - Find or make one here

3. Use a Pi RTC module to display time - Order here

4. Resistors for optional safe shutdown procedure - Order here

5. Super nice helping hands upgrade - Order here

6. PCB Vise - Oder here

7. Wire Stripper - Order here

<p>Hi,</p><p>Can you explain the use of PowerBoost 1000 LiPo charger here, if we are using a usb LiPo charger.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Hi there As explained in step 9:</p><p>The Adafruit Powerboost 1000c you soldered onto the board will charge the battery as well while plugged into a power source, but I find the board can get hot and cause damage to the components connected to your new device. It's best to follow step 3 whenever possible. Of course, you can disregard if you feel the heat is not that great, or take additional steps to dissipate the heat from the board (heatsink, etc).</p>
Thank you appreciate for the reply. I've ordered the e-ink display, excited for the built :)
<p>Now I can be the coolest kid at the Maker Space.</p>
<p>You know it! :)</p>
<p>Now that the Pi Zero comes with Wifi it will make number one on your list easier. This instructable has given me more e-paper or e-ink ideas. Thank you.</p>
<p>Hey! Yes you're right :) I've edited the list to make it easier to find a place to order a kit. Thanks!</p>

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