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Introduction: Piano Cupcakes

Super easy, takes 5 min!  All you need is 14 cupcakes, chocolate frosting, 6 packages white chocolate kit-kats and 3 packages regular or dark chocolate kit-kats.  The packages have 4 bars each. 
Bake cupcakes as directed and frost.  Line the cupcakes up in two rows, 7 across.  Line up all packages of white chocolate kit-kats across the frosted cupcakes.  Cut all but two of the regular or dark chocolate kit-kats so that they are approximately a third of the length of the white kit-kats.  Using a little frosting as "glue", paste the cut kit-kats on top of the white kit-kats in a piano key pattern: skip two white, then place one chocolate on every other white for three "keys".  Skip two white "keys" and place one chocolate on every other "key" for two "keys".  Repeat the entire pattern once more. 



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    That looks really cool, I don't like my piano lessons but this is inspiring!!!

    I love piano, I love kit-kats, now I love your cupcakes!