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I've just got 1 Sheeld and i wanted to do some simple projects to be familiar with shields that 1 Sheeld provide,i was thinking about doing Home Automation project when my little sister came and said "I want to play with you",she thought i was playing so i decided to make her a simple Piano Game using Arduino and GamePad shield.

Step 1: Components Needed

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1- An Arduino board (here)

2- 1 Sheeld (here)

3- 8 ohm Speaker(You can use buzzer instead---here)

4-USB cable for Arduino to be connected with laptop

5-Soldering tool

Step 2: Programs Needed

1- The Arduino IDE which you can download from this link

2- Get the 1sheeld Arduino library and the phone app from this link

PS: You can see how to start with 1 Sheeld from this link

Step 3: Setup

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1-Mount the 1sheeld on the Arduino board

2-Connect your Speaker as shown in figure VCC ==> to pin number 13 in 1 Sheeld and GND ==> to your GND in 1sheeld

PS :Soldering tool is used to solder 2 jumpers with Speaker

Step 4: Software

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1-Connect your Arduino to your laptop through USB cable.

2-Open Arduino IDE and open the attached file

(Software is very simple and easy,you first include 1Sheeld library and then use it's commands to check which button is touched as shown in code file,when certain button is touched use tone function to generate square wave )

PS: you can see how tone function works form this link

3-Upload your code to Arduino board

PS: make sure the 1sheeld is in upload mode as seen in the image above and when the code is uploaded return switch back to operating mood.

4-Open 1 Sheeld App on your phone and connect it to 1 Sheeld borad then open GamePad Sheeld.

Step 5: Play

Finally i want to encourage you to think about new ideas that i can make using 1Sheeld,it has about 40+ shields that i can use together to make more fun and more complex projects,if you like this simple game,if you have some ideas to improve it and if you have a question let me know ^^


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-08-21

Fun project. I need to get one of those shields.

It's only 1Sheeld that allows you to use your smart phone sensors through an android app...

Slippery arm (author)2016-08-21

Hi does any one know any cute names for a kitten

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