This is a coffee table I have built out of a old piano lid that my girlfreind had found.

And these coasters to go with it. https://www.instructables.com/id/Piano-Key-Coasters/

Well the piano lid was free. GOOD luck finding one for free, or at all.

Everything els came out to around 70$

2x4 was around $4

Each leg was $2.65

After glue an other stuff it was around $70.

Of course it could be done cheaper though.



The hardest thing to get will be of course a piano lid. This one was found in some ones addic and had been there for a long time.

I bought these at home depot. For this coffee table I bought 14" high legs.

I got a cheap 2x4 from Home depot.

You can find these right next to the legs in home depot.

You may or may not need this. The lid I have had scratches an the clear coat was coming off.

To clean the stripper off.

I used this on the leggs for a nice dark stain.

After it is finished you want to us a good Polyurethane sealer to water proof an scratch proof the table.

You probably do not need this.

I am not sure what size screws I used. The mounting plates come with screws but you will also need screws to mount hte supports to the table. I have about a million screws here an just went through them all an used what I needed. I appologize for not having the corrects sizes, but it isn't hard to figuer out.



Plastic scraper for stripper
Screw gun
Paint brushes
Alot of Rags

I think this covers all the Materials an Tools. I am sorry If I missed some thing. This is the first thing I have built out of wood, so terms and perfection isn't my thing. I am new to it. Hopefully I don't get tomany people bashing me about it. I know how there are many perfectionest on here.

I wish I would have seen this sooner, because my aunt just threw out an old piano.
Aww, It isn't to often you come across a free piano top. I bet you could make a bunch of sweet stuff out of a full piano.
JUST STUNNING!!! I'm logging into Craigslist the second I get home to put up a listing to try to find an old piano top :) Lets see how many weird replies I get to this one. Just magnificant. Excellent Instructable.
Thanks A llot, I am currently in the middle of a move. We have it packed ready to be uhalled. We use it every day, dinner, brekfast, and lunch, and.. in that order lol. Good luck finding one.
A perfect example of up-cycling, its a shame you weren't able to pick up the rest of the wood out a skip and such. I think making a foot stool the same height to nest inside the curve of the table would make a great extra project!
Yes, I am sure I could have found the wood, and I could have even found legs. After I did this Instructables I though "Wow I so should have recycled every thing" I am very into reusing stuff. People throw so much out now it is ridiculous. Last year I saw a 52" tv on the side of the road with a sign that wrote "Free Broken". It was only a couple years old. It was a 52" Hd projection tv. I got my Room mate to help me drag it to our house. We took it apart then read up on the Internet as to what makes them go out. Three transformers later we had a $30 52" hd tv. I appreciate the comment. I may also look into making that foot stool. Thanks a lot.
Your welcome! I know good free stuff is not always around when you need it. And many people do not have the space to hoard every good free thing! I think you should up-cycle some keys into coasters maybe? (i will stop giving you idea now before you run out of time to fit anything in)
Actualy the rest of the piano was stripped. There is only a shell left. A art class at a school took all of the componets off of it to spread them around their school to decorate, but hah now I want the keys.
I second your comment about so much wasted materials being thrown out--I picked up a 26 inch TV the other day which works fine, with the remote, ($1 for batteries for the remote) and realized I have not paid for a TV since 1986, even though I have had up to 5 working tvs in our house at a time. Tossed electronics, pump organs and electric, pianos, hey, I even got a running Cavalier for $1 once as the ground wire was bad. I need a bigger place, and a Grand piano--love your table!
I got a good one for you. I found a 2004 projection hd 52" two houses down with a sign that said broken take for free. So i took it. My roomate replaced a tranformer for 30$ and it worked fine.
I've been planning of doing this exact project with a grand lid I've got floating araound. It used to be my kitchen table, but I need a bigger table. I still use the fallboard (or key cover) upsidedown on a wall as a shelf, and the full cabinet used to be a headboard for our bed (perfectly fits a double matress). Good job!
Thats awesome, The lid is all I got though. I Wanted to do somthing with key cover.
"She is going to Paint it all black with white notes on it." With an ultra high gloss finish? I bet it will be gorgeous. Please post photos of the paint job. Very classy. Great idea. Now, I just have to find a piano lid....
Heh yea, she has gloss. I am going to put the polyurethane ontop of it also with will add gloss to it. I am planning on posting pictures of it when it is done. I just finished some coasters in the shape of keys for it, and i am here to post a instructable.

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