I know, I know, nobody ever makes piano cake anymore.  Mostly because it doesn't exist,  at least not as a distinct Platonic ideal.  But that never stopped us before, here at instructables.com. 
Now, it's worth asking, isn't this actually a recipe?  I mean, making cake and all -- you eat it, right?  To which I reply: It's only a recipe if I tell you what to put in it or how to cook it.  This instructable is really a Play-With-Your-Foody, design-oriented endeavor.  Quite edible indeed, but the key (har har) is achieving the appearance and design of a piano.  I shall leave the baking and the caking as an exercise for the reader.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- 1 rectangular (or square) cake or the ingredients&equipment to make one
- 1 pack of Keebler Fudge Sticks or knockoffs thereof
- 1 fine-tipped tube of black icing
- White buttercream frosting or the ingredients&equipment to make it
- Potentially 1 long knife (useful for any frustrating instructable, actually)
i love to play piano its one of my favorite things to do,and also my mom is a cake decorater in a cater buissness so i am totally going to tell her to make it for my b-day
Post a pic when she does?
ok i will
:) Love it.
i laughed so hard at the open occupied open occupied etc thing u did! I was not ready to find anything remotely like that in a recipe =0. Gr8 Instructable btw
:) Cheers holyfire :)
i think you can make the rectangular shape from something else,maybe using Oreo biscuit which is darker?
Naturally, that just takes more work. Part of what inspired this instructable was that the Fudge Sticks were already the perfect shape!
Very nice , I live piano !
Amazing, and a great idea for any music lover. My Hat is off yo to sir!!!
 Cool! I am going to do this for my moms  birthday
Love it!
just might have to make this for my friend's 16th birthday. :D<br />
pretty good!<br />
Awesome idea!<br />
Looks great; good job!

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