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I came across an Instructable I really liked and it is titled: Little Tea: robotic tea brewing

But I couldn't resist thinking about making this project much cheaper and simpler by using an 8 legged Picaxe 08M2 IC in place of an Arduino. After struggling with learning some more Picaxe programming, I more or less duplicated the work of the author of the Little Tea Instructable

using an eight legged Picaxe IC.

Step 1:

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Check out the wiring schematic. Doesn't it look easy? And if one doesn't want to solder, one can use a Radio Shack style white "breadboard" with push in holes for parts and #22 gage hookup wire. The sound part of this project isn't really necessary but provides sounds to indicate progress and completion.

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And now we have the programming, "the hardest part" for me but not for you. Any of you that have used a Picaxe will know how to enter and download this program onto a 08M2 eight legged Picaxe IC. This is a good next step because there is no point building any hardware if the program doesn't pass initial testing.

Step 3:

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Here is an image of parts before final assembly and test. But I really recommend that you visit and view:

for a better description of how to make and assemble the hardware.

Step 4:

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With everything complete and ready to turn on, here is an image of how I attach the tea bag to the notched popsicle stick. I hold the teabag in line with the top of the cup and then wrap the tea bag string around the stick until I run out of string. This is strong enough for tea bag dipping.

Step 5:

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With everything in place, including the very hot water, The English Way, the switch is turned on. The green LED will light, a sound will be heard and the tea bag will have five short dips into the hot water to make sure that the tea bag is submersible. Then another sound will be heard and the tea bag will be dipped five times for one minute for each dip. After the five minutes is up, again The English Way, the tea bag will come up and a completion sound will be heard. The pic above reveals the tea bag in the down position.

Step 6:

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Finally, I've included a pic that reveals how I wired things up. And if you prefer a different operation of this device, just change the program for the 08M2 Picaxe.


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