Step 3: Set the First Diagonals

Center the 5-inch spacing guide on the middle support stick at its base. At each end of the guide, insert a stick diagonally into the ground at about a 60-degree angle, going about 3 inches deep. Keep the diagonals parallel to each other. Then, at the base of the first sticks, insert diagonals in the opposite direction, always crossing in front of the support stick.
MORE: Climbing and Rambling Roses
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&nbsp;Seek and ye shall find -- just what I was looking for and VERY well done. &nbsp;Five Stars from me. &nbsp;Excellent, and great links, too.<br /> <br /> <br />
So glad you liked it! If you complete the project, make sure you send us pictures:) Send them to online_editor@thisoldhouse.com
All rights reserved, external links on every step, and step nine nothing but external links...<br /> <br /> It looks like spam to me.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Still playing with the site a bit, trying to get a sense of what users prefer. Will tone it down on the relateds in coming ibles. Thanks!
They look good! Is there not risk of them sprouting?<br />
This is really amazing that it is coming at this moment. I&nbsp;recently went to Williamsburg where there they have done the colonial weave that you were just talking about.<br /> <br /> Excellent Instructable and thank you!<br />

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