Introduction: Pick a Hat That Looks Good on You!

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Let's face it, some people can wear any hat and look good, but if you are like me (normal) and have a few extra chins, it is very difficult to find a hat that looks good in any way shape or form! Why wear a hat at all you might ask? Good question, but SOMETIMES a hat is de rigour! If you are going to a posh wedding for example. This is an occasion when you have to find a hat that makes you look halfway decent! It can be done! First of all you have to have a friend, spouse, or relative who you can trust absolutely to tell you the truth and drag them along to the hat shop with you. It's no good having a flattering friend who will tell you something you want to hear. Only the truth will do.

Step 1: The World Is Full of Hats, Most of Them Will Look Terrible on You!

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Most of them are wrong for you, unless of course you look like Christie Brinkley - or the late Queen Mother, who seemed able to get away with any kind of fancy headgear. Even Queen Elizabeth looks good in hats!

Mind you, don't you just hate those women with the pointy chins and high cheek bones. They could wear a tea cosy and look good! Those who are "chinly challenged" like myself have a much harder task ahead.

Step 2: Caring Helps

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If you don't care what you look like, the task is easy. Just pick the first hat you see in the colour that matches your outfit and you are all set! Here are some pictures of me in some pretty terrible hats! As you can see I look pretty terrible in them. By the way I have a large collection of hats and look dreadful in all of them. I ask myself should a woman with more chins than one be allowed to wear a hat!

Step 3: Other People Can Look Stupid Too!

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Would you wear a chicken hat, or a jester hat to that posh wedding? I think not, so we must think again.

Step 4: Definitely NOT This One!

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At least no-one would recognize me, but... why does my friend look so great in hers. (it's the bone structure and pointy chin thing again, darn it!)

Step 5: Some Hats Could Actually Be Dangerous to Wear!

Picture of Some Hats Could Actually Be Dangerous to Wear!

Unless you want to court danger, if you live in New York, maybe you should not wear a Boston Red Sox hat!

If visiting unfriendly-to-the-US nations, perhaps those patriot hats should also be left behind. You could get into all sorts of trouble, even if you have the sculptured chin and look great in them!

But everyone loves a pirate!

Step 6: Stay Away From Parrot Hats!

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You will definitely get some "funny" looks! (unless of course it is a pirate "theme" wedding!)

Step 7: Hats That Always Look Good

Picture of Hats That Always Look Good

Some hats always look good no matter who is wearing them!

Step 8: Actual "wedding" Hats

Picture of Actual "wedding" Hats

Here are pictures chosen by family members (and myself) for various weddings. Did we choose right or not? you be the judge.

Step 9: We Still Haven't Found That Perfect Hat

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Now we have established what terrible hats are out there, and what a difficult task it is for those of us who do not have great bone structure, how are we going to find a hat that will make us look nice?

My advice is to try on as many hats as you can until your trusted spouse or friend tells you that you look good. This of course can take a while and many trips to many different stores, but trust me, your hat is out there and when you find it you will be amazed!

For me, I went with a big brim. It seems to do something for the chins!


KittyF (author)2012-03-06

I like it.. I like mine cocked to the right or left to cut down on the horizontal line. LOL

KittyF (author)2012-03-06

I wonder if you're mum's hat isn't one of those fashions that is just so nice that it transends fashions and time. I bet it would look good on you too.

KittyF (author)2012-03-06

now the little straw could work for you if it were bigger. it's just to tiny for your face. LOL

meriland (author)2011-03-18

Hahhahah you've got sense of humour, and your face is really cute ! :D

crak-a-bottle (author)2009-12-17

i would like a hat with ears that looks like the headpiece from wolverines original xmen costume. without the bit that covers your eyes though. :D

Hellchild (author)2009-10-10

I own a few hats, mainly baseball caps, and i found that i only look good in flat-billed caps pointed forwards and angled to the right. or curved billed hats when they are backwards.

petrino (author)2009-07-16

ive been wearing trilbys since i was 10... and i love them... ive tried most of hats... fedoras... bowlers and flat caps... only the trilby fits me :)

Fascion (author)2008-07-17

I love hats to no end. The biggest advice I can offer is not to give up on any particular style because you have tried one and it looked bad on you. Tiny details can really make the difference in hats. For years I went around thinking I was unable to "pull off" a cowboy hat. As it turns out, I was just trying on all of the wrong ones. It took me buying a boonie and getting creative with the chin strap to realize how wrong I was. I am still looking for just the right Bowler hat. :)

stinkymum (author)Fascion2008-07-18

Ah! You probably have to be British to successfully wear a bowler!

Kiteman (author)stinkymum2008-07-20

British and rich!

Kiteman (author)Kiteman2008-07-20

Actually, I look quite good in an Indiana Jones style fedora, but what I fancy is one of those Aussie bush hats, the ones that look part-way betweena fedora and a ten-gallon hat.

I saw one that claimed to be elephant-digestion-proof (retrieve it after it's been through an elephant, wash it and it's wearable), and it fitted very well, but I couldn't justify spending $70-$100 just on a hat. I don't spend that on a whole suit, including shoes.

SteamKit (author)Kiteman2008-08-28

An akubra, you mean?

Kiteman (author)SteamKit2008-08-28

Yes, I think I do.

Warlrosity (author)Kiteman2009-04-24

Wash em with eucaliptis stuff! Also just wile i'm at it I love those eare hats and sombreos squid hats and yip yip hats, Any instructables on the last 1 and the first 1 would be great

jc817 (author)Kiteman2008-08-12

I can't tell you how many times my hat's been eaten by an elephant. I can't imagine following an elephant around after it's eaten and then sifting through the debris to retrieve a hat though.

musicalbee2003 (author)Kiteman2008-07-28

I'm currently drooling over a dark green "Indiana Jones" style fedora. I look surprisingly good in it!

Fascion (author)Kiteman2008-07-21

Now that is a hat I would spent $100 on! Speaking of hats which go through a lot, my favorite of all time... one day when I was out wade fishing with my father, I found it floating in the muddy water, complete with a crawdad attempting to live in it. It was an old green Tommy Hilfiger hat which had already seen its fair share of wear before I picked it up that morning. I reckon I wore it for about two years before retiring it to a hat hook for another five. Nowadays, my cap of choice is a Columbia "Wilamette" hat. I own 6 of them in various colors, but most of the time I find myself wearing the sage/black one which I purchased for $5 due to manufacturer defect. Next to the former, these things are the most comfortable caps on planet earth.

Lithium Rain (author)Kiteman2008-07-20

>Actually, I look quite good in an Indiana Jones style fedora<

Okay, I have to see a picture of this.

>I saw one that claimed to be elephant-digestion-proof (retrieve it after it's been through an elephant, wash it and it's wearable), and it fitted very well, but I couldn't justify spending $70-$100 just on a hat. I don't spend that on a whole suit, including shoes.<

Aw-live a little. Tell yourself you won't eat ice cream for a year-that'll work it off. C'mon. Please? No one should be deprived of their dream hat! The very thought makes me sad. Seriously!

Also, that's weird, I like the same kind of hats as you! Just in a girl size.

stinkymum (author)Kiteman2008-07-20

I don't think I would fancy a hat that had emerged from the wrong end of an elephant! By Aussie hat, do you mean the up one side arrangement and strung about with corks to keep off the flies?

Kiteman (author)stinkymum2008-07-20

No, I mean more like this one.

stinkymum (author)Kiteman2008-07-20

I have actually got that hat!

JakeTobak (author)2008-07-17

My hat size is 7 7/8, so it's pretty hard for me to find any hats that fit at all, let alone look good :P But I did find a nice cowboy hat that's 7 3/4 that eventually stretched out a bit to fit me. If I shaved my head I could probably knock down a couple sizes too.

temp (author)JakeTobak2009-04-16

how do you find the hat size of your head?

JakeTobak (author)temp2009-04-17

For men, measure the circumference of your head in inches, above your ears and across your forehead (where the hat will sit on your head). Then divide that measurement by pi (~3.14). I'm not sure how to find hat size for women, it might be the same though.

SGutshall (author)2008-07-21

I adore fedoras of all types. My favorite at the moment is a cheap $14 plaid canvas one from Target. I have trouble finding hats that fit with my moderately large noggin (size 7-3/4) so when I happen upon one that fits, I'll usually buy it.

musicalbee2003 (author)SGutshall2008-07-28

My little sis has the exact opposite problem! Also, a quick shout out for berets! I have three fedoras (One standard black, picked up at an estate sale, one dark green picked up at Good Will (how I love thee!), one white one , a Panama Jack, from my uncle in Mississippi), two berets (one wool, one leather, green and black alternating wedges in a hexagonal design from a ren-fair.) Yay!

Ooh! And lest I forget, a dark blue Greek fisherman's cap, replacing my grey one from Faneuil Hall.

ikem (author)2008-07-24

That was not really a howto, but nice to read. :)

stinkymum (author)ikem2008-07-25

well, perhaps you know what hat NOT to pick!

aceLED (author)2008-07-22

omg iam so sick of hats i have been collecting them since i was for iam now fourteen and i have 487 hates hanging around my bedroom wall

stinkymum (author)aceLED2008-07-23

you could stop collecting them and give them all away!

stinkymum (author)aceLED2008-07-23

you should take pictures!

Lithium Rain (author)2008-07-20


You have written the ible I have been looking for! W00t!

canida (author)2008-07-17

I still think the brown tricornered pirate hat looks fetching! (Though you're right -- a broad-brimmed hat does seem to work like directional stripes on clothing. A good choice.)

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