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Hello everybody
Okay, I know, that I'm little boring with all these plectrum holders...but I came with this wild idea of joining two of my instructables into the one amazing thing.
I present you the Pick holder bracelet!

I just put together my leather bracelet and Pick holder .

List of things you need:

- Leather bracelet ( you willfind here how to make one - it's pretty easy ;) )
- piece of leather
- guitar pick
- thread and needle
- scissors


- when you got your bracelet, draw dawn your pick on a piece of leather and leave some space for stitching
- cut it out
- sew it all together
- insert your plectrum
- wear it
- be the coolest guitar player ever

That's all folks! :)


the ultimate smaug (author)2014-05-14

what if you put a plectrum holder on a guitar strap!

Well, that's a really great idea!

nawabakash (author)2014-01-25

like this

Eldalote (author)nawabakash2014-01-25

thanks ! :)

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