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Introduction: Pick Holder Pendant


It looks like I become a little obsesed with picks lately :D

I got a new idea of making a jewelry, which can be also useful for something. I created this pendant from wire, which is holding a detachable plectrum inside.

Things you'll need:

- pencil and paper
- plectrum
- wire (you can use a different type of wire. I used really tight one (I make a chainmail armor of it..) so I coudln't make exact pattern I designed)
- pliers
- ring ( you will find here how to make one )
- leather or chain or something to hang a pendant on


Draw down your plectrum and design your pattern 

- cut a piece of wire and start forming it

- attach a metal ring and hang it on a leather string

- (you can slightly upgrade your design as I did, because of tough wire)

- You can also paint it, but I like the metalic look of the wire

- insert your pick into the pendant

- proudly wear it! (and when you meet a lovely lady just pull it out and play)

That's all! ;)

If you have any questions or ideas etc. just write a comment!

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This is great! My wife is a bass player, and has a pick that was hand delivered via roadie to her by Mike Inez at a show. She carries it everywhere with her...this would be a great gift for her, so she can wear it and see it everyday. Thanks for the inspiration!

This is sick man! Now I'll never lose my picks. Thanks

Where do you get both of those things. Well the wire I have a pretty good feeling you get a pick at a music shop

Well...I bought about 17kg (I made an armor O:-) ) of wire at my local ironmongery, but some bigger hardware stores should have it too. But I recommend you to use some softer wire than I did. And like you said, you can buy picks at music shop ;) But I ordered mine from eshop (it was a pack of 24pcs for about 2-3$). I wish you good luck! :)

Wow this is awesome! If only I had wire. And a pick! ;)

That's nice! Does the plectrum go out easily? I should get myself a copper wire too !

Yes it is easy to remove but it won't fall out either. Thanks for the insperation.

my local music shop has these beautiful wooden plectrums. I find the feel of them lovely when in use, but I reckon they would also look beautiful in this. May make a fantastic gift for a musically obsessed friend or partner.