Picket Fence Tea Light Holders





Introduction: Picket Fence Tea Light Holders

Here's a couple of tea light holders I made. The fence part is black walnut, and the base is white oak. The base is about 2 1/4" square, and they are 3" tall. and once again, I only have photos of them complete because I had no idea what I was doing until they were half way done, all I knew was I wanted something with a picket fence and this is what came out of my head. Hope you enjoy!



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    Those look awesome! If you decide to make them again, I'd love to see how you did it!

    Thank You! I plan to make more, just so long as I can remember to take pictures, I will try to post a step by step, but not until the weather gets a bit better(it's pretty nasty around here right now, and I don't have heat in my shop).

    They look great, thanks for sharing. How did you make them? My guess would be taking a board to the router table and then cut slats with the bandsaw...

    Your guess would be the easy way to make them, I did it the hard way. I cut the slats on the table saw and then cut the miters on top individually on the chop saw, then drilled all the holes one a a time. If I ever make more, I definitely know a few things to make it a whole lot easier.