Pickle Jar Converted Into Pet Treat Jar!





Introduction: Pickle Jar Converted Into Pet Treat Jar!

My Family LOVES our pets! We have had a few dogs together in our time, but our current one is a Golden Retriever named Lacey. I have always been a fan of doing DIY projects, and when I was about to throw away a few pickle jars recently, I had an idea...

I decided that I was going to make a new, personalized treat jar for my favorite companion, Lacey! Here is Lacey below...

Step 1: Save Your Pickle Jars!

So, in order to make these treat jars, you first have to remove the labels. I just used a few standard Claussen Pickle Jars that I was going to recycle.

Step 2: Remove the Labels

To remove the label, I personally like to apply this great product called Goof-Off to help make it easier. You spray it on the labels a few times and then use a rag or dull knife to scrape them off after a few minutes

Step 3: Glue the Knob

Once the labels are removed, I like to add an additional touch to the lid by first gluing a small knob on top. Then, I spray paint the lid and knob black (but you could choose any color that you like).

Step 4: Decorate Some More!

If you choose to add more personal touches, I suggest some cute labels or easy cut-outs like these ones above. Sometimes, I paint the labels with chalkboard paint, so then I can change the font/titles around whenever I feel like it.

Step 5: Once the Lid Dries...

Once the lid dries, and you add your own personal touch or label to the jar, you are done! Yay! For this one, I chose to wrap the top with some cute paw-print ribbon. I did another neat version of this where I used a personalized label, and then glued the jar on top of a black candle holder.

Step 6:



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    great idea.thanks for letting me in on yous idea.i truely loves it!can't wait to do it myself.?

    This is so cool! Definitely going to make it!