Pickle Jar Minnow Trap





Introduction: Pickle Jar Minnow Trap

Have you ever wanted one of those vintage glass minnow traps but didn't want to spend the money? Well, let's build one for less than $10. This project takes less than an hour and will have you trapping minnows in no time.

Step 1: Items Needed

Items Needed:

A. One Pickle Jar with Lid.
B. Clear plastic funnel. Cost $1.00. I am not sure who produces this particular funnel, but my local sporting goods store sells them to convert mason jars into minnow traps.
C. 3/16 inch glass and tile bit. I purchased mine at Lowes for about $7.00.
D. Variable speed drill.
E. Hammer and flat head screwdriver or dremel tool.
E. Gloves and safety glasses. A must when working with glass.

Step 2: Drilling Bottom of Jar

Drilling the Jar:

1. Turn the jar upside down on a non slip padded surface. I used an old bathroom rug for this project. I also used my legs to hold on to the jar while drilling.
2. Using the 3/16" bit carefully drill about 6-9 holes through the bottom of the jar. You must use water to lubricate the drill bit during the process. Failure to do so can result in glass breakage. The key is using a slow speed when drilling and using a slower speed as the drill bit goes deeper into the glass. Do not rush this step or you will end up with a broken jar!

Step 3: Drilling Complete

This is what the bottom of the jar should look like after drilling.

Step 4: Cut Hole in Lid

Cutting the Lid:

1. Turn the lid upside down and center the funnel on the lid.
2. Mark the inside of the funnel on the lid.
3. Carefully cut out out the center of the lid. I slowly punched mine out with a hammer and a large flat head screwdriver, but a dremel tool might work also. Be careful as the metal will be sharp.

Step 5: Insert Funnel Into Lid

Insert funnel into lid. If you are careful and did not cut the hole too big you should be able to press the funnel into the lid without using an adhesive to hold it on.

Step 6: Completed Minnow Trap

Place the lid back on the jar and now you have created a glass minnow trap. You may attached a small rope around the lid for pulling out of streams.

Now get out and trap some minnows! I find that glass traps catch more minnows than the wire type traps.

Tip: add a couple of crumbled up saltine crackers to your trap before placing in a stream.



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    You can watch my video that show about

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    Just wanted to let everyone know as of 6-27-2013 they have them at Denny's for sure just bought a couple. I got some UPC info off them as well and they show sptman "PMTC minnow trap cone". There is a website called sportsman supply ssisports.net think that is where Denny's got them as his label said sptman also but their site says no longer available. Anyway bar code is 040468 95432. Good Luck

    I had trouble finding a funnel... didn't carry them at the sporting goods stores or at the bait shops... So, I bought a six pack of them from Amazon (http://amzn.to/1OFA83H ). It came out to about $1.70 per funnel, but at least I have spares, lol.

    these are illegal in my state?

    Well done roussinloe! Most instructables I've found about these kind of traps are filled with bad grammar and crappy pictures. This on is very good, but maybe you could include some explanations as to why or how it works. Just a thought.


    Is there any reason this would not work? http://www.lcmlab.com/Funnel_Powder_p/us-fpp100-w.htm

    Unable to find any funnels. Dennys does not have them. I need some badly and quickly. Anyone have any info to share. Another supplier perhaps. Thanks

    Can I use a plastic mayo jar? Maybe add a few rocks to weigh it down?

    Cant hurt to try. Ive used 2 liter soda bottles with the tops cut and inverted, and they work better than my wire traps.

    I've made minnow traps out of plastic pop bottles, but i was wondering if you can make a minnow trap out of a plastic mayonnaise jar? and if it can be passable,then i''m going to try to make one, and c if it works like the ones made out of plastic pop bottles.
    Jennifer Russell