Picture of Pickled Cow Tongue
In this Instructable, I am going to be showing you how to make a fearsome looking Halloween snack that is actually quite tasty! 
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Step 1: Necessary Items to have

Picture of Necessary Items to have
1. A cow tongue, fresh or frozen.  I had a fresh one so that is what i used. 
2. Vinegar 
3 Pickling Spices
4. Water
5. A pot for boiling your tongue.
6 Some sort of a sealable container to store your tongue in. 

Step 2: The Tongue

Picture of The Tongue
Most large grocery stores will have a tongue or two for sale on their shelves, I got mine from a local butcher.  They definitely aren't expensive and sometimes might give them away given the lack of want for a tongue my most people. 

The tongue should soft and supple, and the first thing you may notice is the very rough texture of the skin of the tongue. It is much more rough than say your or my tongue. 

Step 3: Cook It and Clean it

Picture of Cook It and Clean it
Start by bringing a pot of water to boil. The tongue should be able to be fully submersed in the water.  This whole process should take about 45 minutes to complete.  If you have any doubts about whether it is cooked all the way through or not you can leave it in longer if you want. It really wont change the final outcome. When the tongue is done cooking it should be much lighter in color than it originally was.  Some of the skin may have started pulling back or breaking off as seen on the tip of the tongue here. 

Next you want to peel the skin off the tongue. It is kind of rubbery in feel and should come off easily given you have cooked it all the way. I note that it is important that you get all the skin off.  The first reason being that, well, I think it would be  gross to eat rough cow tongue skin, and second it will hinder in the pickling process.
canida4 years ago
Very nice!
I actually like tongue, so will have to do this sometime besides Halloween. Though pickling it with some little pearl onions, or other eye/organ-looking bits of food would be awesome.